Storing Water for Emergencies

An emergency strikes. The grid is down and water mains are broken. Would you have enough water stored in your home to survive until the water came back on?

How can I prepare and store a safe water supply?

When an emergency strikes, you want to be prepared. In a worst case scenario, the power grid is down and the water mains are broken. Do you have enough water stored in your home to survive until the water comes back on?

The CDC recommends you have at least a 3 day supply of water. This would be 1 gallon for each person and pet in your household. However, if you have the space, don’t stop at 3 days. The ideal water storage supply should last up to 2 weeks.

Our 50 gallon tank can provide 3 people a gallon of drinking water a day for about 15 days. Depending on how many people and pets are in your family, you may want to purchase an additional tank or two. These tanks can be stored anywhere in your home or apartment. They also fit nicely into cars, or RVs for camping trips, or emergency evacuations.

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This is re-review of this product. The first tank I received had a manufacturing flaw. However, the company contacted me after hearing what had happened and immediately replaced the tank without question.

James W

Exactly what I was looking for. Food grade safety with a hose faucet at the bottom and a closed top. We are storing potable water in two of these. We boil it before drinking, but use water straight out of it for washing hands and dishes.

Marta S

Good tank. Seems to do the job, nice stackable feature. Getting another to stack. Nice spigot at bottom for draining or easy access to water.